Book Launch Team

My first book, Life, The Answer is now live! I made this short page to provide you with links and launch activities!

If you cared to come here, it’s because you care at least a liiiiiiiitle bit about me :). So if you want to help me succeed, there are 4 things that you can do to make this the best book launch it can be.

1. Buy the book

For yourself or as a gift for your family & friends

2. Leave a book review

      • Amazon eBook Review. Verified reviews are by far the most valuable piece. If you buy the paperback, you don’t need to do any of the below, just leave a review here. The steps below are specific to the Amazon Kindle ebook.
        1. I will lower the price of the ebook to $0.99 for a day on 7/2, 7/3 and 7/4 (was initially planned for 6/30, but the amazon discount needs 2 days to kick in, didn’t know).
        2. You would purchase the ebook from Amazon for $0.99 (here).
        3. Read at least 25% of the book asap so that Amazon allows you to leave a verified review (very important), and then leave an honest review. (You can navigate to the review page or use this direct link).
        4. Getting reviews will trigger amazon’s algorithms to pick up the book and show it to more people.
      • B&N Link TBD
      • Goodreads Link TBD

3. Share Social Media Posts

Here are some links for quick and easy sharing, but I’m no social media guru, feel free to deviate!

 4. Pass the word!

Here are some ideas 

    • Tell friends and family about this book that claims to know what life is about.
    • Part of a team, small group, or organization? Let them know!
    • You have a website/blog/network other than what I’ve suggested here?

Actioning any of these activities on Thursday 6/30 brings the most benefit, but if you are busy this day, Friday, Saturday or Sunday are also good days. You can still do all these after Sunday ofcourse and it will still help, especially reviews, but the launch momentum should be over by Sunday.


E.R. Leyva

E. R. Leyva

Author of Life, The Answer. Writing is a process that allows me to capture ideas, to organize them, and to keep refining them over and over until they come together like a jigsaw puzzle, revealing what was previously hidden in plain sight.



Barnes & Noble

  • B&N Buy Book Link
  • To Leave a B&N Review, scroll down on the book page and click the “write a review” button.