Book Launch Team

My new Book, Life, The Answer: Discover Yourself, Find Your Purpose, and Consistently Move in the Right Direction releases on Thursday. June 30th, 2022. I am looking for people to help me build momentum for launch day!

What is a Book Launch Team?

It consists of a group of readers assembled as an online team that work together through email and a private group. You are the sounding board and megaphones for the book. You’ll have access to specific direction on practical ways you can help this book build momentum. Plus, you get to interact directly with the author—me!

How does it work?

As the host,

  • I will make all activities easy to follow with a playbook that contains direct links to websites and documents.
  • I will be accessible to you for any ideas and questions.

As a participant,

I encourage you to act on these activities.

  • AMAZON EBOOK REVIEW. This is by far the most valueable piece.
    1. I will lower the price of the ebook to $0.99 for a day on amazon the day we launch (June 30th).
    2. You would purchase the ebook from Amazon for $0.99 (Will provide direct link).
    3. Read at least 25% of the book asap so that Amazon allows you to leave a verified review (very important), and then leave an honest review. (Will provide direct link).
    4. Getting reviews will trigger amazon’s algorithms to pick up the book and show it to more people.
  • SHARE about the book on your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat) or with your team, small group, or organization.
  • SHARE about the book on your blog/website if you have one.
  • REVIEW the book on other sites like Goodreads and BN.com (I’ll provide the links)
  • GIVE FEEDBACK in our private Facebook group about the book and how it has impacted you!
  • TELL EVERYONE you know about the book as many times as you can.

What’s in it for me?

  • A FREE digital copy of Life, The Answer that you can read a month before anyone else. Be sure to tell me about your favorite quotes or excerpts!
  • Access to a behind the scenes private Facebook group where we discuss ideas and coordinate efforts.
  • The opportunity to connect with other launch team members.
  • EXCLUSIVE giveaways just for the launch team.


E.R. Leyva

If you don’t think you’ll have time to act on the launch activities, no hard feelings, I know we’re all busy people. If you can commit, I invite you to join the team and am most grateful!

Thank you!