Life, The Answer

“Not the theory, not the politically correct view, not the fancy intellectual view, not the rugged contrarian view, probably not what you expected, but the real, practical answer, grounded in the undeniable characteristics that make you human.”

Life, The Answer

Are you living the life you want to live?

To provide a robust answer to this question, you must first face two fundamental challenges:

  1. To question what life itself is about.
  2. To question what your life is about.

Most people completely disregard the first question and have a half-baked answer to the second one. Can we really know with certainty what the life of every person is about? I propose we can.

You see, knowledge works like building blocks. One block of understanding connects with another block, and together, they support a higher understanding. Unfortunately, many people have reached an understanding of life that is supported by a flimsy base. This hinders them instead of allowing them to more confidently navigate the world and to enjoy an ever-improving life.

Throughout your journey, you have connected thousands of these blocks to get to your understanding of life today. Whether you think your base is rock-solid or fragile, this book offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself and strengthen your foundation.

Join Sergio’s discussion at the space station, reach a clear definition of what life is about, and use it to find yourself, your purpose, and the right direction for you in life.

About the Author⇒

Title: Life, The Answer

Author: Ernesto Rodriguez Leyva

ISBN: (pbk) 979-8-9857946-0-1. (ebook) 979-8-9857946-1-8. (Audiobook) tbd

Genre: Philosophy & Self-Help

Publisher: Self-Mastery Publishing

Release Date: June 30, 2022

Synopsis:  You are immersed in a dialogue that takes place in space among a crew of astronauts. They discuss what life is about from a different perspective than we are used to here on earth.

As you witness these conversations, you will think of how the concepts discussed apply to you. These concepts are meant to work as a guide to really understand what goes on inside yourself, you mind, and everyone else’s.

“After reading the book, I want the reader to no longer feel like their life is an enigma or a mystery. I want them to truly understand what their life is about, and for this knowledge to lead them on a path of fulfillment, continuously improving their lives.”

-Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite

“Life, The Answer by E. R. Leyva is a philosophy book intended to assist readers in better understanding what life may truly be about so that we might then discover what our own individual lives are about. Leyva works to accomplish this by way of a fictional dialogue that takes place among astronauts in a space station. The reasoning behind Leyva’s process is to allow readers to witness conversations between intellectuals who are also in a unique position as pioneers, and who have the capacity to offer a point of view based quite literally on a perspective most of us have never and will never experience. Through the astronauts, Leyva covers a wide range of distinct and interconnected philosophical topics that all weave into the conceptual question. Ultimately, with the tools provided and discussion prompts, our journey might just be a bit clearer on Earth than before we entered the station.

Life, The Answer is probably the first philosophy book I’ve read that is almost exclusively dialogue between fictional characters who are addressing factual arguments. With the technical aspects of this literary writing style, there’s not much room for a reader who needs to feel engaged in a conversation to emerge fuller than when they entered to satiate that demand. However, for the introverts out there on Earth who genuinely appreciate a more passive absorption method, E. R. Leyva has got your golden ticket. Listen and learn in the truest sense of the phrase. I liked the introduction of the Life Map and how it is explained, as well as the hypothetical examples the astronauts provide to drive home the message. These were most helpful in behavioral profiles. There is levity injected with some light ribbing and joking. I took a side jab at my wife when Western adherence to “contradicting philosophies” was briefly mentioned, having told her once before that she cannot say, “What you see is what you get,” one day and then, “You cannot judge a book by its cover,” the next. [spoiler alert: I spent the night on the sofa]. I think Leyva presents a solid entry point into the fundamentals of human philosophy and, yes, I dare say his book will bring you closer to understanding yourself and what life is about to you. Recommended.”


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E.R. Leyva

E. R. Leyva

Author of Life, The Answer. Writing is a process that allows me to capture ideas, to organize them, and to keep refining them over and over until they come together like a jigsaw puzzle, revealing what was previously hidden in plain sight.